There is life beyond Laurel Street

In the north of Spain it is typical to go for tapas (we call it pinchos), from one bar to another, taking a wine and a tapa in each one. It is our way of going out and being with our friends, our relatives, …
A couple of generations ago only men came out, before dinner and before supper, while the women were cooking and it was not frequent to see women during the week of “chiquiteo”, that is as we call to go of Wines and tapas.
In Logroño, which is the city where I live, the most famous street is Laurel Street, famous throughout Spain.
As a consequence, in recent years Logroño has been filled with tourists, followers of the Camino de Santiago or weekend tourists. And what’s worse, bachelor parties from surrounding cities that come to the capital city of La Rioja, the region with the name of wine, as advertising says.
But luckily Logroño is more than Laurel Street and there are other areas where “go for wine”.
The best known street is San Juan. And within it a place stands out above all, the Tastavin.
If one pincho is good, the other is better.
If you come to my land, do not lose it.

I hope see you sometime.

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