La Rioja me emociona

In response to the weekly challenge Tour Guide

I love traveling. Maybe it’s one of the things I like most in life, along with photography.

Few things are comparable to getting into the soul of a new city or an unknown corner and taking some pictures to enjoy then and after.

I am happy with the big trips and with the little ones, to the region next door.

And once said all that … I am excited to return to my land, to the immense tempranillo vineyards, to my medieval stone villages and noble coats of arms, to my gastronomy of yesterday and today, to the skewers, to my monastery of San Millán, where it was first written in Spanish.

I’m excited about La Rioja.

Si te gusta viajar, o la fotografía, o la naturaleza, o La Rioja, o el Pirineo, o el jazz, o conversar, o..... Este es tu blog. Solo una obligación: respeto a los demás.

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