When you´re looking for Solitude

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Solitude

It´s early in the morning. The sun is just an idea in the future. You take your  car and drive for half an hour and finally you park not far from the road. 

That´s only the beginning. The long way to reach the top will take you more than three hours. So it´s important to start the journey as soon as possible, before the sun comes up.

You can see cows, then horses forming different groups or perhaps families, more cows and finally there´s nothing. Just some ravens looking at you in the distance.

You have been thinking about different things and work, friends, family have disappeared in your mind.

You finally reach your destination and look around you. There´s nothing but you and your thoughts.

That’s the kind of solitude that you need from to time to time. You discover again yourself  and it will be easy to look ahead and get psyched for that one.

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