Very close to God

When we talk about architectural styles, Gothic is the style that takes the fame of high structures, looking to the sky, to be closer to God.
But that trend has always existed.
The church, often sharing the tower for defensive purposes, have always been in the center of the village, the most protected area, usually on a high.
From the bell tower of the church not only was called to prayer, also the hours were given, warnings of incentives or the death of some neighbor.
And in times of war served as watch tower, which allowed to warn that the invader or the enemy were approaching, allowing to prepare for the defense.
So the image that the figure of the church presides over everything is very common in any town. And not only in small towns, big cities such as Munich, London or Barcelona, have kept buildings taller than the towers of the cathedral, at least in the vicinity.Very close to God.



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