Like cans of sardines. La Alfama, Lisbon


You enter in an Alfama cafe, the spirit of Lisbon. It is as if you are entering another world, another dimension.
People, many people and very diverse people, locals, students, families, tourists, …
Decoration superimposed without order or control.
Board games in a corner. Old books on the other corner.
And a wonderful atmosphere that invites you to isolate yourself there and spend a while enjoying everything that is within sight of you.


Is there anything more exciting than time travel?

Yo ca still enjoy it in Lisbon, so close and so apart from everywhere.

In response  to the weekly Daily Post challenge:  Wanderlust


Amoreiras, Lisboa

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Ornate.”

Three decades after its opening, Amoreiras Shopping Center won, definitely, a place as a Lisbon’s icon.

Placed in the center of the Portuguese capital, with a very bold architecture for its time, it early became a meeting point for the upper middle and upper classes, always demanding quality and attentive to the last fashion trends.

Today, it entered to the gallery of Lisbon traditions, without losing the aura of vanguard and exclusivity that was always around it. Even after two decades, Amoreiras Shopping Center remains the top spot for exclusive brands at the very heart of Lisbon.


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Policromía lisboeta



La Alfama

La Alfama es todo: tradición, podredumbre, azulejos, fado, recobecos,…



Rincón de la Alfama



La sardina, símbolo de Lisboa

La noche del 12 al 13 de junio se celebra cada año la fiesta más popular de Lisboa, en honor a San Antonio de Padua, nacido a los pies del Castillo de San Jorge, en Lisboa.

La fiesta, con sus pasacalles, bailes,… incluye como plato estrella las sardinas asadas con pimientos.

Dicen los lisboetas que la fiesta más importante de la ciudad y se viene celebrando durante casi cuatro siglos.

De esta tradición viene considerar la sardina como símbolo de Lisboa y no el gallo, símbolo de Portugal y con origen en las tierras del norte (portu gallo).



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