The old Spanish mailbox


Stories of lions and mailboxes.

The two-year-old boy ran down the street, closed to traffic, when suddenly he saw the huge head of an animal coming out of the wall.

The animal looked like a lion but he had never seen lions in the Pyrenees. In spite of that, he felt he was staring dangerously at him.

He returned to his parents and told them of his discovery.

Incomprehensibly, his father laughed and began to explain that the lion’s head was not real, but was a mailbox where people threw the letters.

His father’s explanations did not convince him and he was still frightened.

The father then took him in his arms and despite his cries and tears he led him to the lion. With the panic in his face, his father took his hand and put it in his mouth.

The little child began to cry and ran to explain to his mother how evil his father had been.

Fifteen years later, the family returned to the small Pyrenean village and the now teenager reminded his father of the scene and how he never forgot that moment so bad that his father made him suffer.


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