Finally! Summer holidays are here! I can’t wait to spend a few days in Spain with my family and friends. And I’m going to visit California in September! I can’t be more excited with these two trips! Although this means I won’t be posting…

Hamburg. The city of water.

Hamburg – Das Tor zur Welt (Gateway to the World) – is a city of water. This element is omnipresent in this city; from the Elbe River to the Alster Lake to numerous canals flowing through the city – no matter where we go…


My recent trip to Hawaii provided me with the perfect shot for this weeks Daily Post Challenge of Elemental. Earth, air, fire, and water are all there, but you can’t tell that the air is not exactly the best for you from this shot….

World textures

This week’s photo challenge: textures, one of my photography addictions. Hope you enjoy this amuse-bouche of textures from around the world. Next post on Portugal coming this Friday! See you then! a través de World Textures — Compass


The Daily Post’s challenge theme for this week is ‘Texture.’ This one view shows several textures and varieties of clouds as our plane passes over a weather front bringing rain to the southern Mississippi River region. The early morning Sun enhances the variations of…


The contrasting textures in this photo leave my brain and hand conflicted: the frozen icicles look almost cottony, inviting touch like an inverted carpet of melted candles or a dense curtain of just-washed fleece … and yet my brain knows they’ll be hard and…


“I think the greatest satisfaction anyone will get in their lives, is when they make a difference to somebody else’s life.” — Sir Richard Branson 1. Family – My family is dear to me and I look to them first for clarity, comfort and…

Stunning Works Of Origami Art To Celebrate World Origami Day

Image credits: Gen Hagiwara Image credits: Hoàng Tiến Quyết Image credits: Akira Yoshizawa Image credits: Adam Tran Image credits: Patricia Crawford Image credits: Hoàng Tiến Quyết Image credits: Artur Biernacki Image credits: Hideyuki Kamon Image credits: white_onrice Image credits: Roman Diaz Image credits: Cristian…

Honey bees

Bees are a critical part of our food cycle and with the growing publicity given to the adverse effect of diseases on many of the bee species of the world, more people are beginning to appreciate the important role they play in our gardens…

The Humble Fabulist

January 1st, 2017 a través de Nocturnal palimpsest — The Humble Fabulist

Water colors

painture painterly collage 🙂 a través de Watercolors —

In Pursuit of Peace

What if I fall? What if the rope breaks? What if the balance is lost? What if the momentum breaks in the middle? What if??? While I was struggling with the many ‘what if’s in my mind, I realized that my mental stress as…

Pamban bridge

PAMBAN BRIDGE: a railway bridge which connects the town of Rameshwaram (TAMIL NADU) to mainland India. It was the longest sea bridge until the opening of Bandra-Worli bridge in 2010. With 6776 mts of length and just one railway track, it still is one…

Den Haag

This weekly theme is ‘bridge’ Archive Den Haag Hueless archive Archive Rijnstraat 8 shot with iPhone 6s plus using Hueless, edited using Snapseed and Marksta, click the picture for a larger version a través de Bridge In The House — What’s (in) the picture?


The theme for this week’s photo challenge is “Delta” which symbolizes transitions. The photo I chose for the challenge was from a recent visit to the Harbor at sunset. I think it fits the challenge perfectly because there’s nothing more beautiful than a day…


I got an acute sense of time passing inside Rome’s Pantheon. Not only because it was built almost two millennia ago, but because its ancient architecture acts as a colossal sun dial. The perfectly round hole in the top of the dome – deemed…

Midsummer night

f/22, 1/25 sec, ISO 100 Midsummer night – a delta in time marking the transition to darker nights … a través de Midsummer night — The Nordic Light

Dance of life

Delta a través de Dance of Life —

4 seasons


It’s just a typical day at home for the Black and White Sunday Photo Challenge In the front of the house, the family drop in for breakfast While out the back, a mother and her Joey look about for something else to eat A…

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