I am sad to share that this will be the last weekly photo challenge from The Daily Post, titled All Time Favorites. Some of my all time favorite photos were taken while on a 10 day trip, to the Big Island of Hawaii. Take a look… My thoughts are with the Big Island families that […]

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This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post had the topic ‘liquid’. I absolutely love taking pictures with the sea, a river or lake, rain and other liquid components. But most of the times the actual liquid element is not main part of the composition. However, sometimes, I do love taking pictures where the liquid […]

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Today’s theme is “Liquid.” We’ve been getting lots of that recently in the form of rain, rain, and more rain, although this shot of a flooded parking lot was taken some years ago. I know some of you have seen it and a few have written a 100-word story about it when it was a […]

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La emotiva fotografía de un soldado viendo el nacimiento de su hija por videollamada

El soldado de la foto viral es Brooks Lindsey, quien se vio obligado a ver el nacimiento de su hijo a través de FaceTime después de que su vuelo se retrasó.

Mientras los pasajeros esperaban su vuelo, el soldado se sentó contra la pared y empezó hacer la videollamada . Tracy Dover, que estaba en el mismo vuelo que el soldado captó el momento conmovedor y luego lo publicó en Facebook.

La imagen ha enternecido a más de 200 mil usuarios y se ha compartido más de 115 mil veces.


Sonia en route

My contribution to Weekly Photo Challenge – Lines.

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Un mal día

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Deck the walls

There once was a boy named Alec Who hoarded colorful skate decks He’d hang them on his walls Give new meaning to deck the halls His collection was quite prolific

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Awakening and fears

The most awakening moment in my life is when I realised life is all about making choices. We are what we choose to become. The decision of what we want, is solely ours. There are people who have made bad choices in life and later regret. But the choice is ours to either move on […]

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“Sunrise, how lovely it seems to see from my window a sky full of dreams.” Frank Sinatra Those who know me might think I would focus on sunsets in response to Erica’s Rise/Set challenge, since my reputation for disliking early morning is well known. Never let it be said, however, that I cannot “rise” to […]

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Six stunning sunsets

Sunrise/sunset is the topic for the Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge. This is an ideal topic for me, as I seem to spend a lot of my time taking photos of stunning sunsets when we are in a Greece for the summer. They are always different from each other, and I never tire of experiencing them. […]

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Better behind the camera

The Weekly Photo Challenge is I’d Rather Be… I’d rather be behind the camera than sitting in front of the computer editing photos.

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White Sunday

A few weeks ago I went to the mountains with some friends. We chose Mt. Rigi, which is very close to Zurich and has a lot of winter hiking trails well maintained during all seasons (I have already shown you photos from Rigi here). When I was planning this trip, I imagined the view from […]

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One autumn morning

The Weekly Photo Challenge is Story. I was down at the Lake Huron shoreline at sunrise and found some juvenile Red Knot on autumn migration. At sunrise one feeds and one watches me. More feeding. Time for a bath. A scratch. And a nap.

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Sometimes I wonder If I be still For just a moment longer If I can be present In all this shadow and blur Will the world make more sense Will anyone see Me

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Marilyn Monroe

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via Tour Guide Winter 2017/2018 in Crown Point, Indiana USA Mehr unter: Compass2heart

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Welcome to the “Bold North” Minnesota

As a travel blogger, I realize that I rarely share much at all about my hometown of Minneapolis. Despite being known for the cold, long, brutal winters, Prince, and the recent host of the Super Bowl, Minnesota actually boasts over 15,000 lakes in the state. It is also home to one of the largest federally protected […]

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Its now tuesday

All is quiet in our household. Photography has taken a bit of a back seat as the weather, once again, has not been conducive (that’s a big word for Monday morning) to getting out with the camera. By this time last year I had made eight photography trips out into the National Park and yet, […]

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Moonstruck in San Francisco

The Super Blue Blood Moon gives the City by the Bay a show.

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