Worse Than Devilish!

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial in Taipei a través de Insta #137 — P e d r o L

Refreshing drink

a través de Wordless Wednesday — Lucid Gypsy


Female White Bellied Sunbird stops for a sip of nectar at the bloom of the coral tree. Ark. 17/6/17 a través de A sip of nectar — A Tale Unfolds

Amazing power within you

Originalmente publicado en DEAR HUMAN: Dear Human, No matter who you are. No matter your wealth or poverty. No matter the color of your skin. No matter your race or gender. No matter your faith or religion. Everyone gets wounded. Everyone feels pain. Everyone….

Flow art

Richard Silver‘s Impressive Vertical Panoramas of Churches Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Behance The interiors of religious structures are undoubtedly some of the most breathtaking architectural wonders of the world. Ornate atriums, elaborate altarpieces, vivid stained glass — photographer Richard Silver has been…


“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” – Mark Twain Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus via WPC: Focus — Mindfulness through a lens a través de focus — in’s k cafe


Bulbs Connected Catch up with Cee’s B&W Challeneg and other entries here. a través de Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Lights — Images from Finchley

I Want to Feel Its Wetness

In a previous post I described the Future World exhibit at the Art and Science Museum. Its centerpiece is the “Universe of Water Particles” – a seven-meter virtual waterfall. It is serenely beautiful, hundreds of thousands of water particles cascading gracefully down a virtual…


Since the word “let” …men ‘dreams of peace’ It’s within a breath, but, he does not know his Having forgotten: The Truth does not change Simply shut the eyes, look inside to rearrange The Sooth taught… only few heard to sought Love is the…


RUSSIAN LANGUAGE WILL FOLLOW // На русском читайте ниже Elegant and old, this relatively hush city spells oasis to the traveler weary of confrontation. Predating both Havana and Santiago, it has been cast for time immemorial as the city that kick-started Cuban independence. Yet…

Friendship and wine

Message in a bottle

With God, we are all with hope of a life of purpose. Without Him, we are like a message in a bottle, adrift in the ocean… waiting. just waiting. Copyright 2017~The View From My Window All Rights Reserved Adrift Photo Source a través de Adrift…


I see a prisoner getting the lyrical point Freedom is more than the physical joint Do! try to focus around the main image You’ll see clearly: what’s the sin’s wage Let the eyes spy what your mind stares And you record those ‘subliminal stairs’…

Live your life

Life isn’t about other people understanding your journey, life is about living the journey that makes sense to you! a través de Make Sense — Orlando Espinosa


@myclicksyourstory presentation a través de myclicksyourstory — Success Inspirers World


Another one of my “Smoky-series”. This one was edited in Photoshop, reversing the image and adding color with layers. [In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Evanescent] a través de Evanescent — Anvica’s gallery


a través de Good Night Giggles! — Giggles & Tales


Watching a clock; Fear spear depths Instead of tick-tock ‘I hear footsteps’ It may be “the help” that I longing for The guarantee: out of ‘Sadness core’ A forgiven rope, to drags me to shore A hope to realise that I’m not the fore…


Streets Of Silver a través de Tuesday Photo Challenge – Street — Progressing into Solitude

Change of guard

But then my Aunt pointed out my Uncle Tim riding, in full regalia, behind the Queen! a través de Heritage and History — HorseAddict

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