Thousand and one reeds



Since the word “let” …men ‘dreams of peace’ It’s within a breath, but, he does not know his Having forgotten: The Truth does not change Simply shut the eyes, look inside to rearrange The Sooth taught… only few heard to sought Love is the…

Not suitable for people allergic to grass

Rural contrasts from La Rioja

The vineyards, my heritage.

In response to the weekly challenge: Heritage As I´ve already written,… Tempranillo is the most important type of grape that spreads all over the vineyards in La Rioja, where I was born and where I live. So it´s the essence of my country and therefore…


The Color Purple — mycreatorscreation

Purple Purple is a color that you will find in the Old Testament of the bible. When the Lord told Moses what He wanted in the way of His earthly sanctuary the color purple was mentioned, so we know it must be a very…

Brienzsee. Those wonderful Swiss lakes

Parece que esté saliendo de las entrañas de la tierra

El paraje se llama el Achicuelo y está en la Sierra Cebollera riojana. En un cortafuegos hace ya años que se levantó en un entrante de la tierra, a base de palos de las proximidades, una sobrecogedora calavera, como saliente de la Tierra,. A…

Días de frío en el campo riojano

Son días de frío. No ese frío de antaño, que nos contaban los abuelos y que aislaba los pueblos bajo un manto de nieve, durante de días y días y que hacía que las chimeneas de los hogares chispearan durante todo el día para…

Winter over La Rioja

Tenemos que recoger los sarmientos

An unexpected twist of fate

Going back home. Going back to my guardaviñas.

I went yesterday to buy some wine to the wine cellar. It´s name is Valenciso, an small winery that started the production in 1998. There is only one variety of grape, tempranillo from Rioja Alta and all the bottles have been aging for 17 months…

Tiempos de frío y niebla

Entire lake to ourselves — Inherently Adventurous

MORAINE LAKE IN SEQUOIA Our third day on the High Sierra Trail (HST) ended at Moraine Lake in Sequoia. This small lake was a very cute and delightful lake with its own small island. Surrounded by a wall of tall trees, it sat off…

Inmensidad desde abajo

Ya no queda ni una hoja del otoño

Luz de otoño en Pirineos

Chaos in Santander. Nature always wins.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Chaos

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