Alfombra de nenúfares

Pretty fishes

Solución habitacional para pájaros


Flower, shiny flower

In response to the weekly challenge Ooh, Shiny! I go walking in the countryside, on a trip, and suddenly I see a flower that catches my attention, which makes me come closer, see it up close and today that I always have the mobile with…

Flor de agosto

Pequeño detalle encima de la mesa

Be quiet. It´s my family.

Honey bees

Bees are a critical part of our food cycle and with the growing publicity given to the adverse effect of diseases on many of the bee species of the world, more people are beginning to appreciate the important role they play in our gardens…


Just B&W

But so beautiful

Orange and black in Tena valley, Spain

The real art was the flower


Sacred limestone

The rest of the butterfly

Majestic vulture

Almost from another world

Thousand and one reeds


Can you see the bird?

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