I am sad to share that this will be the last weekly photo challenge from The Daily Post, titled All Time Favorites. Some of my all time favorite photos were taken while on a 10 day trip, to the Big Island of Hawaii. Take a look… My thoughts are with the Big Island families that […]

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This week’s photo challenge of the Daily Post had the topic ‘liquid’. I absolutely love taking pictures with the sea, a river or lake, rain and other liquid components. But most of the times the actual liquid element is not main part of the composition. However, sometimes, I do love taking pictures where the liquid […]

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In response to the weekly challenge Twisted


Philosophy through Photography

a través de Fluid — Philosophy through Photography



Today’s theme is “Liquid.” We’ve been getting lots of that recently in the form of rain, rain, and more rain, although this shot of a flooded parking lot was taken some years ago. I know some of you have seen it and a few have written a 100-word story about it when it was a […]

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Liquid… ready to drink

In response to the weekly challenge Liquid

Cadiz, light all over the sea

I do not like the sun. I do not like sand I do not like the beach.

But when you arrive in Cádiz you realize that it is the best place in the world.

And you start to like the sun, the sand and the beach.

In response to the weakly challenge
Place in the World



An unlikely sight – ducks swimming in the parking lot! ©2017 -2018 All rights reserved.

a través de Unlikely — The Narrow Bamboo Gate


It is unlikely that these chimneys will reheat the rooms

In response to the weekly challenge Unlikely


Sonia en route

My contribution to Weekly Photo Challenge – Lines.

a través de Curvy Tree / WPC — Sonia en Route


Rioja lines

In response to the weekly challenge Lines


Deck the walls

There once was a boy named Alec Who hoarded colorful skate decks He’d hang them on his walls Give new meaning to deck the halls His collection was quite prolific

a través de Deck the walls — Thin spiral notebook


Prolific umbrellas in Cincueterre

In response to the weekly challenge Prolific


Awakening and fears

The most awakening moment in my life is when I realised life is all about making choices. We are what we choose to become. The decision of what we want, is solely ours. There are people who have made bad choices in life and later regret. But the choice is ours to either move on […]

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“Sunrise, how lovely it seems to see from my window a sky full of dreams.” Frank Sinatra Those who know me might think I would focus on sunsets in response to Erica’s Rise/Set challenge, since my reputation for disliking early morning is well known. Never let it be said, however, that I cannot “rise” to […]

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lemur sunbathing, like my friend, makes me smile

In response to this weekly challenge  Smile  🙂


Six stunning sunsets

Sunrise/sunset is the topic for the Weekly WordPress Photo Challenge. This is an ideal topic for me, as I seem to spend a lot of my time taking photos of stunning sunsets when we are in a Greece for the summer. They are always different from each other, and I never tire of experiencing them. […]

a través de Six stunning sunsets….. — Third Time Lucky!


Sunset in Cadiz

In response to the weekly challenge Rise/Set


Better behind the camera

The Weekly Photo Challenge is I’d Rather Be… I’d rather be behind the camera than sitting in front of the computer editing photos.

a través de I’d rather be… — David Meredith’s photo blog.


One of my favourite places

In response to the weekly challenge Favorite Place

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