Two lights

golden hour bliss There are two kinds of light – the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures. James Thurber a través de WPC: Glow — Snapshots: Styles And Smiles

Is there enough time?

I didn’t have my boots. But luckily I didn’t need them this time. There was no aqua alta. No water came up onto the streets, squares and court yards like I had witnessed when I visited Venice a few years ago for work. However,…

The stone scale

In response to this week’s WPC: Scale I took this photo during my Stonehenge Tour in England and although not the most striking post ever, I thought placing the stone between my forefinger and thumb changes the perspective and the mystery this huge magnificent…

Newborn foal in a big, new world

My contribution to this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge – Scale. A little foal, just an hour old, in a big new world. My favourites this week Mittened hands Anvica’s Gallery Cee’s Photography Nes Felicio Photography ♥ a través de Newborn foal in a big, new…


die großen Schwäne lassen die Brücke klein erscheinen a través de WEEKLA PHOTO CHALLENGE – SCALE 2 — AugenBlicke

On a Grand Scale

St. Francis of Assisi called this church his little portion. A large basilica has since been built around it. Funny, I never felt closer to eternity than in the small one–a church of the grandest Scale. a través de On a Grand Scale — A…

The measurement scale in La Rioja

In response of the weekly challenge Scale. Imagine a small state in the north of Spain. Imagine that its name bears the name of the wine it produces. Imagine that your main asset, almost unique, is that wine. Imagine that its gastronomy, its culture, the…

Que no falte el queso

Waiting for tonic


In response to the WordPress Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Pedestrian Lack of pedestrians …. Thank you for looking, I always appreciate your visit Should you wish to buy any of my images click on the image or the Fineart America portfolio below You…


PHOTO CHALLENGE: THE PEDESTRIAN Garry had a bumper sticker on his old red Mustang convertible that said: “So many pedestrians, so little time.” Cruel? Only if you weren’t trying to drive cross-town in Boston where pedestrians pay no attention to signs, crosswalks, or even…

Pedestrians going even further

In response of the weekly challenge Pedestrian

Come to my window

“Give me a window and I’ll stare out it.” ~Alan Rickman a través de Come To My Window — Jane Lurie Photography

I love gildas

Precious window

For more from this challenge, visit the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows. a través de Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows — nancy merrill photography


These images would seem a mismatch, were it not for the weekly photo challenge. We were lucky to meet Todd Saunders earlier this year at his studio in Austin, Texas. He crafts neon artwork with a retro, pop art style. Todd also collects roadside…

A room with a view

And what a view that is! Tomorrow it will be exactly two years that I first visited my friend in her apartment. It looks out on the lighthouse of Roker Beach in Sunderland. The middle frame would make a perfect picture. Other windows can…


In response to the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows a través de WPC: Windows to the World — Shoot ‘N Go

Window just for lovers

In response to the weekly Daily Post challenge Windows

Que te siga maravillando lo que te rodea

Salgo al campo y me maravilla la mariposa que veo posada sobre unas hojas, formando un contraste increíble. Salgo por los campos de La Rioja en otoño y me maravilla los mil y un colores de las hojas de las viñas tras la vendimia….

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