Worse Than Devilish!

National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial in Taipei a través de Insta #137 — P e d r o L

Anything more transient that childhood?

Childhood is probably the most transient thing in the world. It´s ephemeral, it´s unforgettable, it´s marvelous, it´s…

Estación internacional de Canfranc. De otra época.

La estación internacional de Canfranc es muy singular. Cuando uno va por la carretera de Jaca hacia la frontera de Somport, en el Pirineo aragonés, camino de las ciudades francesas de Oloron Sainte Marie o de Pau, ya te llama la atención que hay…

Refreshing drink

a través de Wordless Wednesday — Lucid Gypsy

Amazing power within you

Originalmente publicado en DEAR HUMAN: Dear Human, No matter who you are. No matter your wealth or poverty. No matter the color of your skin. No matter your race or gender. No matter your faith or religion. Everyone gets wounded. Everyone feels pain. Everyone….

Jazz for two. What Cha Gonna Do?. Brian Simpson.

Flow art

Richard Silver‘s Impressive Vertical Panoramas of Churches Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Behance The interiors of religious structures are undoubtedly some of the most breathtaking architectural wonders of the world. Ornate atriums, elaborate altarpieces, vivid stained glass — photographer Richard Silver has been…


“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.” – Mark Twain Weekly Photo Challenge – Focus via WPC: Focus — Mindfulness through a lens a través de focus — in’s k cafe


Bulbs Connected Catch up with Cee’s B&W Challeneg and other entries here. a través de Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge: Lights — Images from Finchley

I Want to Feel Its Wetness

In a previous post I described the Future World exhibit at the Art and Science Museum. Its centerpiece is the “Universe of Water Particles” – a seven-meter virtual waterfall. It is serenely beautiful, hundreds of thousands of water particles cascading gracefully down a virtual…

Focus on Nature

In response to the weekly challenge Focus

Old fashioned

He went out, despite his mood swings, imagining himself in colour, swinging back to happiness. a través de Mood Swings — rabirius

Spring is green

The wall.


A masterful lesson on light

24 Portrait Lighting Setups You must read this article from DPS.


Japan Cherry Blossoms

Shoeshine boy

Shoeshine boy. A long time ago, in the most elegant cafes of the cities, railway stations, hotels of high level, … one could find a peculiar figure, like from the past, the shoeshine boy. Generally seated, with brushes and creams always ready, with their…



Since the word “let” …men ‘dreams of peace’ It’s within a breath, but, he does not know his Having forgotten: The Truth does not change Simply shut the eyes, look inside to rearrange The Sooth taught… only few heard to sought Love is the…

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