A bit rebel

Time stopped there many years ago

Petunias in Panticosa

Old love

I was here before you came



Espierre. 800 years of History contemplate you

Be careful

Still life

Everything was better yesterday

One of my favorite views in Tena valley

A long, long time ago … it was a balcony

Casa Fernandina. El Pueyo de Jaca.

Purple & green

Snow will not pass

And if the end of the world comes … look for me at La Partacua

Majestic butterfly in the mountains of the Pyrenees

Another butterflies.

Rupicapra pyrenaica

The chamois, sarrio or antelope (Rupicapra rupicapra) is a bovine of the subfamily Caprinae present in some European mountain ranges, such as the Carpathians, the Alps, the Caucasus, the Pyrenees or the Cantabrian mountain range and certain mountainous areas of the Balkans , Slovakia…

The old Spanish mailbox

Stories of lions and mailboxes. The two-year-old boy ran down the street, closed to traffic, when suddenly he saw the huge head of an animal coming out of the wall. The animal looked like a lion but he had never seen lions in the…

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