Twenty minutes to top


Pine… but without pine nuts

Cerrado y bien cerrado

The real art was the flower


Iron forge

Estación internacional de Canfranc. De otra época.

La estación internacional de Canfranc es muy singular. Cuando uno va por la carretera de Jaca hacia la frontera de Somport, en el Pirineo aragonés, camino de las ciudades francesas de Oloron Sainte Marie o de Pau, ya te llama la atención que hay…

Old love

Torla and Ordesa, together for ever

Sierra de Guara, the canyoning paradise

Walks under the influence of Romanesque

Azulete. Blue.

Blue. Indigo powders that were used to give a blue color to the linen after washing or to the buildings.

Very close to God

When we talk about architectural styles, Gothic is the style that takes the fame of high structures, looking to the sky, to be closer to God. But that trend has always existed. The church, often sharing the tower for defensive purposes, have always been…

Antiquarian in Alquézar


Between two lights in Ainsa

More fireplaces

Hecho Valley Costume

Evolving carpaccio

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