La Calahorra bridge, in Cordoba, Spain

In response to the weekly challenge Bridge

Evanescent. Just you and the endless sea

En respuesta al reto semanal Evanescent 

Tuna Carpaccio. Pleasure of gods.

Atún de almadraba. Un placer efímero de esta época del año.



There´s life after the rope

Let´s see without being seen

Mística musulmana

The world in orange

That dark object of desire

The best bath in town

Lights from the other shore of the Mediterranean Sea

Spanish ham. Art on the dish.

Essence of Andalusia

Fountain in Andalucia

Fountain-head waters arc Nasrid built symmetry white noise garden sanctuary blue. Tourist animating gazes watching upon belly moving mirror captures sky memories. ∞ Submitted as part of “National Poetry Writing Month – 2017” (#NaPoWriMo2017). Today’s prompt: write a double elevenie. What’s that? Well, an…

Lento pero seguro

A different ambience very close to us

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: Ambience   If you live in Spain, there´s no need to fly to faraway places in other continents. Just take your car and drive to Cadiz, in the South of the Liberian peninsula. Hotels are very…

Ceviche en el Puerto de Santamaría: explosión de sabor y de color

Viva los novios

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